A Beginners Guide to 3-Gun.

A Beginners Guide to 3-Gun.

3 Gun, what is it? Is it even a thing in Canada?

3 gun shooting is a sporting event where competitors use a combination of rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting to engage a series of targets while on the move. And yes, it's a thing in Canada too! Though with magazine limits the game is somewhat different than in the US.

When I say a beginners guide to 3 gun, I don't mean it's a guide for beginners... but rather it's a guide written by a complete novice to the sport. My background to competitive shooting comes from archery. I've competed in many national and international shoots. However the game of 3 gun is a total different beast. 

The season is about to start in 2 weeks and I'll be writing periodic posts about my experiences over the season. But for now I'll cover my equipment.

3 Gun Gear

As novice I don't have the top of the line firearms yet. It's not worth getting high end gear until I have a better idea what I need. Here's a quick summary of my gear for the 2018 season:


I'll be running my Mossberg MMR AR-15 with a 14.5" heavy barrel, MagDump.ca handguard, Bushnell 1-4 AR optics scope, and a bunch of LAR-15 magazines.


It's a Girsan Yavuz 92FS clone. I've installed a Vortex Venom on it since I prefer optics on my guns. This means I'll be competing in the open category.


My shotgun is a Uzkon BR99. It's very similar to the MKA1919. It's a magazine fed semi-auto.

These firearms are not top of the line gear but are certainly good enough for my abilities. As the season progresses I'm sure there will be changes.

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