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MaxxTech 9mm: Crap or Not?

Getting to the range and shooting is expensive. Saving money on ammo is a great way to keep money in your pocket, or shoot more. MaxxTech is among the cheapest 9mm on the market, but the real question is... is MaxxTech 9mm any good?

Before ordering in MaxxTech for MagDump.ca we did some research and found a range of reviews of the ammo. Some great, some not so much. We decided to bring in an order of the ammo and it's been a hot seller for us. Nevertheless people always ask us if it's any good, and to be honest I've never shot it so I couldn't really answer.

We decided to test the ammo ourselves. Using my not cleaned or oiled Beretta CX4 storm we went out and shot some MaxxTech. We fired about 100 rounds with no failures to feed, extract, or fire. The ammo was consistent and worked every time. We even dropped a mag in the snow and fired the wet ammo. Again it worked great. If there was issues with this stuff there doesn't seem to be any now. 

One caveat I'd like to mention, is the ammo is steel cased and technically should be lubricated. If you do have feed issues try a couple drops of oil on 50 rounds. I do this with 22LR that has a hard time feeding and it always fixes it.

Verdict: MaxxTech works. I'll be shooting more of it. 

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