Review: M-LOK Forend

M-LOK is the new hotness. Stronger than keymod, lighter than picatinny rail. Over the winter I got my first AR-15. I had been resistant to getting one for some time for no good reason really. I just really liked my CSA Vz58 in 223... Which if you're looking for smooth shooting and accurate semi-auto 223 that's non-restricted I can't recommend the Vz58 enough.

Replacing the heavy Mossberg MMR forend gave the AR a whole new and much better feel. The M-LOK forends are made from aluminium and are a simple lightweight design. Even though they are very light they are still stiff. Being free floated helps with accuracy.

Instillation is easy. Remove your old forend, barrel nut, install the new included barrel nut (don't forget to grease the threads...) and bolt on the forend. You'll also need a low profile gas block if you don't already have one. The SBI low profile gas block for example.

Before installing the M-LOK forend I already had a free floated model, so overall for me the accuracy was not changed, however my rifle lost almost a pound of wight. As well, it's nice to be able to mound accessories when needed, but not requiring heavy picatinny rail. In my opinion this is an excellent forend.

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