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Review: Vector Optics Omega 8 Reticle Red Dot Sight

Vector Optics has been around for a few years now. They manufacture a range of firearm optics and have been growing a reputation of having quality and budget friendly optics.

Like most shooters I've tried cheapo optics such as NcStar only to be disappointing by the quality. I have a 4-16x40 NcStar scope that wont hold zero on a 22 and is almost as foggy as milk! When we first heard of Vector Optics, naturally we were skeptical that they would be another crappy offshore NcStar. 

I decided to mount this sight on my Beretta CX4 Storm and test it out in the bush. I would have tried it on my AR, however those are for range use only and my CX4 has more recoil since there's no muzzle brake.

After zeroing the optic we fired at our 50m target for awhile. Below is what I think of the optic.

Fit & Finish

This red dot looks great. It's easy to use, the buttons don't feel mushy, the glass is clear and the reticles sharp. The sight clamped on to the rail perfectly and holds well.


I like the option for red or green reticles, as well as 8 different styles. The optic can be charged off USB if you're using a rechargeable battery. However, I don't see myself doing this, as I rather just keep a supply of quality CR2032 batteries in my range bag. The optic was easy to mount and adjust. I found the chevron reticle was my favorite for fast target acquisition. I'd like to try the circle reticle on my shotgun while trap shooting.

This optic is at a similar price point as the Bushnell TRS-25 which is a fine optic. I found the optical clarity and reticle to be better with the Vector Optics Omega red dot than with a Bushnell TRS-25.

Overall, it works as you'd expect.


Going to be honest here... I haven't had it long enough to say how durable it is. But, it feels excellent. It held zero and worked great. I think it's going to last.


Overall it's pretty good. The less than $150 price point is excellent. I think this is going to be a great optic for close range shooting! It's got great clarity, crisp reticles, and is easy to use. The large field of view is nice and helps with finding your target. Is it as nice as my Vortex Sparc II? No, but it's very good and a whole lot cheaper! 

Vector Optics Omega Red Dot on CX4 storm - MagDump

Vector Optics Omega - Cx4 storm - only on

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