Corrosive Residue Cleaner

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All purpose gun cleaner formulated to dissolve and remove corrosive residue. Use to easily and quickly clean up the mess caused by corrosive ammo. 

Not all gun cleaner is created equal, and many will utterly fail when being used with corrosive ammo. The reason some cleaners work and some don't comes down to polarity of the cleaner molecules. Salts are an ionic compound, and all ionic compounds are most soluble in polar solvents. The ultimate polar solvent in nature is water. Non-polar solvents tend to be oils or other hydrocarbons. The majority of gun cleaners are made from non-polar solvents and will not dissolve the polar salts left by corrosive ammo. At best they will seal it in which might minimize rust. Corrosive cleaner is water based so it can dissolve salt. It also contains ammonia and detergents to loosen and remove fouling

  • Removes fouling
  • Dissolves corrosive salts
  • Loosens gunk

Use with SBI Gun Oil for the ultimate firearm cleaning solution.