SBI 10/22 Bolt - Gen 2


The 2nd Gen SBI 10/22 Bolt is the perfect upgrade for your rifle. Compatible with SBI C-71, ST-22, and factory 10/22 receivers. This bolt is drop in ready and fully assembled. 

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The bolt is a vital component of your rifle's action, responsible for extracting and ejecting spent rounds and loading new ones. The precision-engineered second generation SBI 10/22 bolt is CNC machined from 17-4 stainless steel with a nitride finish, providing superior strength, durability, and performance. The advanced design ensures smoother cycling and increased reliability, even under demanding shooting conditions. The perfect fit of our bolt ensures improved accuracy and tighter groups. Upgrade your SBI Model C-71, SBI ST-22, or OEM Ruger 10/22 with our premium bolt and experience enhanced performance and shooting satisfaction.

Compatible rifles / receivers:

  1. All SBI Rifles / Receivers
  2. All right hand Ruger 10/22 rifles / receivers
  3. Tactical Solutions Receivers
  4. Brownells BRN22 Receivers
  5. Volquartsen Receivers
  6. Dlask Receivers
  7. All other receivers compatible with factory bolt should work

Note: The bolt will come coated in packing oil. You should clean the bolt and lightly oil it prior to use. The packing oil prevents corrosion and deeply penetrates the steel.

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17-4 Stainless Steel
Black nitride
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