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Remington Bucket Of 22LR

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For practice, plinking, or hunting small game,  it's hard to beat the reliability and practicality of Remington ammunition. These rounds are loaded using top-notch components and powders to deliver consistent accuracy. High-volume shooters will appreciate the blend of performance and affordability. Sold per 1400 round bucket. 36gr HP, 1280 fps.


The Remington® Bucket O' Bullets is a bulk pack of .22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammo. The bucket contains 1400 rounds of famous, and field proven Remington Golden Bullet hollow point .22 ammunition. Golden Bullet is high quality, high velocity .22 ammo that's great for small game hunting, plinking, pest control, and firearms training. Golden Bullet .22 LR Ammo is loaded with clean burning powder and plated bullets, making it perfect for semi-automatic firearms.

• 1400 rounds of Remington. 22 Golden Bullet ammunition

• Great for small game hunting, plinking, and pest control

• Loaded with clean burning powder and plated bullets

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