Blazer 22LR 40gr


Looking for accurate and reliable ammunition for your rimfire rifle? Blazer Rimfire 22 LR ammo is your answer. Its 40-grain bullet, clean-burning powder, and CCI priming provide consistent performance shot after shot. Comes in boxes of 50.

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Looking for reliable and accurate ammunition for your rimfire rifle? Look no further than the Blazer Rimfire 22 LR ammo.

Crafted with precision and care, this ammo is optimized for peak performance, providing consistent and reliable results. Its 40-grain lead round nose bullet is perfect for target shooting and small game hunting, delivering accuracy and impact with every shot.

But that's not all. Blazer Rimfire 22 LR ammo also features a clean-burning powder and reliable CCI priming, ensuring consistent ignition and reducing fouling in your firearm. And with a high-quality brass casing, you can trust in its durability and long-lasting performance.

Reference 0021
Data sheet
22 LR
50 Rounds
PAL Required
1235 FPS
Bullet Type
Bullet Weight
40 grain
Specific References