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PMC Bronze 9mm 124gr FMJ

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PMC 9mm 124 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition is a popular choice among shooters for its reliable performance and affordability. The 124 grain weight of the bullet is a common choice for 9mm Luger rounds, and is generally softer shooting than 115 grain ammo. Comes in boxes of 50.

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PMC 9mm ammunition, manufactured by the Precision Made Cartridges (PMC) company, is a high-quality and reliable choice for shooters and firearms enthusiasts. The 9mm Luger cartridge is a popular choice among law enforcement agencies and civilian shooters, and PMC 9mm ammo offers exceptional performance and accuracy. The brass casing and clean-burning powder used in PMC 9mm ammunition help ensure consistent and reliable ignition, while the strict quality control processes used by PMC ensure that each round meets the highest standards of performance. 

Reference PMC9G
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125 gr
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