SBI Light Practical Carbine


The Spectre Ballistics Light Practical Carbine is a modern, customizable bolt action hunting rifle designed to fire intermediate cartridges. The Light Practical Carbine uses available barrels, triggers, bolts, stocks, grips, hand guards, and magazines to be a truly customizable firearm. This is the ideal intermediate cartridge hunting and farming rifle made in Canada. This is just the receiver set.

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The Spectre Ballistics Light Practical Carbine is designed from the ground up to be an ambidextrous customizable hunting rifle. The rifle is based on a completely new and novel upper and lower receiver design manufactured from aluminium to keep the weight low while making use of available barrels, magazines, stocks, grips, handguards, bolt faces, and triggers. 


The bolt knob can be easily swapped from the left to right side of the firearm. 

Novel Design: 

The stock, barrel, handguard, and bolt are all attached to the upper receiver. This makes for a strong and durable design unlike any other firearm. 


Keeping weight low is a core concept of the Light Practical Carbine. The receiver set is manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminium keeping weight low and durability high.


The Light Practical Carbine meets all criteria for a non-restricted firearm and is not a variant or derivative of any known firearm. The FRT for the firearm is still pending.

Required Parts List:

  • Intermediate Caliber Barrel
  • Handguard
  • Trigger
  • Buffer tube, castle nut, plate
  • Stock
  • Front take down pin, spring, detent
  • Rear take down pin, spring, detent
  • Magazine release
  • Magazine
  • Grip and grip screw
  • Safety, safety spring, safety detent
  • Bolt, extractor, extractor spring, extractor plunger, extractor pin
  • Bolt cam pin
  • Firing pin and firing pin retaining pin


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