CCI Lawman 147 gr 9mm Luger Clean-Fire


CCI Lawman 147 grain 9mm Luger makes use of patented Clean-Fire primes which contain no load, barium, or antimony. The Clean-Fire primers paired with Speer 147 grin TMJ bullets results in cleaner range air and firearms.

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Lawman Clean-Fire ammunition gives shooters ideal indoor options. These offerings use the patented Clean-Fire primer, which contains no lead, barium or antimony. The TMJ bullet's lead core is completely encased so powder gases can't burn lead off the bullet base.

  • Patented Clean-Fire primer contains no lead, barium or antimony
  • Speer TMJ bullet
  • Results in cleaner range air and firearms
Reference 53826
Data sheet
9mm Luger
PAL Required
985 Ft/s
Bullet Type
Total Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight
147 gr
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