Spectre 10/22 Chassis - Red


The SBI Gen 2 Spectre 10/22 Chassis System is the best Ruger 10/22 chassis on the market. CNC machined from billet aluminum the chassis improves reliability, ergonomics, and accuracy of the 10/22 platform better than any other. A quality chassis is the foundation of an accurate and reliable 10/22 rifle.

Note: Rifle, barrel, grip, and stock are NOT included.

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The Gen 2 Spectre Ballistics International Chassis takes the 10/22 platform to the next level. The SBI chassis is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum to the highest standards. The chassis strengthens the 10/22 action improving reliability and accuracy while adding AR carbine stock and grip comparability. The handguard is integrated into the chassis, free-floating the barrel and features M-Lok mounting slots. To securely anchor the action to the chassis SBI developed the Receiver Stiffing System (Spectre RSS). This system uses the rear action pin as a secure anchor point. 

Spectre Receiver Stiffening System

Barrel droop and a flexible receiver have long plagued the Ruger 10/22 platform. Especially when using free floated heavy profile barrels. Attempts have been made to add a rear tang to the 10/22 but this requires milling and permanent modification to the rifle and stock. We have developed a system using the rear take down pin as a secure mounting point. No modification is required and all the hardware is included with the SBI 10/22 chassis.

Free Floated Barrel & M-Lok

A free floated barrel is essential for accuracy and cooling. The Spectre 10/22 Chassis fully free floats any profile barrel. 

M-Lok is the leading standard for mounting accessories. It is used by many military organizations around the world. The SBI Ruger 10/22 chassis is the only one currently on the market which features an M-Lok handguard. There are 4 M-Lok slots on the sides and bottom of the handguard.

Precision 10/22 Chassis

Putting your 10/22 in the Spectre Chassis will not only improve the looks of the rifle but also accuracy, reliability, and ergonomics. The Spectre RSS system stiffens the rifle removing receiver flex. With less flex the action is capable of better accuracy and reliability.


  • Gen 2 design with significant upgrades since gen 1.
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Red anodized finish
  • AR carbine stock compatibility.
  • Mil-spec or commercial buffer tube compatibility.
  • AR grip compatibility (non-beavertail). Mounting hardware included.
  • Trigger gap filler included.
  • Compatible will all 10/22 receivers
  • Compatible with all barrel profiles
  • Minimum recommended barrel length: 12"
  • Spectre Receiver Stiffening System (RSS)


  • Rifle, grip, buffer tube, and stock not included.
  • With the chassis the iron sights on the factory barrel may be difficult to use. We suggest using optics with the chassis.
  • The OAL of the chassis with a Magpul MOE stock is 25.25" / 641mm
  • The minimum length barrel with the 4 slot handguard is 10".
  • The minimum length barrel to remain over 660mm / 26" is 12.5" or 10" with a compensator.
  • You are responsible to meet all minimum overall length requirements or barrel length requirements to remain legal. Check with your local laws first.

Compatible Receivers

  • Factory Ruger 10/22
  • Factory Ruger Charger
  • Ruger SR22
  • Ruger 10/22 Tactical
  • Spectre Ballistics International Model C-71
  • Thompson/Center T/CR22
  • Dlask DAR-22 / TUF-22
  • Tactical Solutions X-Ring
  • Brownells BRN-22
  • All other receivers should fit, some minor fitting might be required.

Compatible Barrels:

  • All barrels longer than 10.25". Check local laws for barrel length regulations. You are responsible for following all barrel length and overall length laws.

Compatible Magazines:

  • Tri-mags will not fit. 
  • All 10/22 magazines fit, function, and drop free.
  • The SBI 10/22 magazine adapter fits without any issue.
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