Lapua SK 22 Lr Flat Nose


The new standard cartridge of the SK family. The SK Flatnose Basic is a new development in our standard line of rimfire rifle rounds. It has a flattened projectile with improved ballistic properties and benefits from years of experience with developing and producing small caliber ammunition. This turns the SK Flatnose Basic into the right companion for shooting training and competition. Stability and reliability. The new SK Flatnose Basic.

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For the up and coming pistol champion, we recommend testing our SK Pistol Match .22lr ammunition. Designed, manufactured and tested to the same exacting standards as all SK rifle ammo, but suited to the shorter barrels and unique requirements of the pistol. Whether you’re a developing amateur or a seasoned professional shooter, SK Pistol Match ammunition gives you the edge both in training and competition without breaking the bank. It’s a rare event where SK Pistol Match isn’t found in the gun boxes of the winning shooters. Try this specially developed short barrel cartridge and enjoy its advantages on the shooting range.

Reference 420156
Data sheet
1076 fps
Bullet Type
Flat Nose
Bullet Weight
40 Grains
Specific References