CCI Quiet-22 - 40 Grain LRN Subsonic 22LR


Ultra-quiet 22lr plinking round. CCI Quiet-22 produces 75% less noise compared to standard 22lr ammunition. Manufactured by CCI this is high quality, reliable rimfire ammunition. Manual cycling of semi-automatic actions might be required. 50 rounds per box.

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CCI Quiet-22 is the rimfire ammo of choice for shooting in legal areas where loud noises might attract unwanted attention and also for training youngsters how to shoot. With less than half the muzzle report of a high velocity .22 round, Quiet-22 is ideal for getting off several shots at multiple pests before they flee. CCI Quiet-22 Rimfire Ammo is safe to shoot in any rifle or handgun chambered in .22 LR, though manual cycling of semi-auto firearms may be required.

Reference 960
Data sheet
PAL Required
710 fps
Bullet Type
Bullet Weight
40 grain
Specific References